CFA Redfield Theater and Gallery Renovation


University of Nevada, Reno

Sq. Ft.:



Reno, NV




Commercial Remodels, General Contracting, Management

Build Cost:

$2.6 Million

At the University of Reno Campus, a remarkable transformation unfolded through the CFA Redfield Theater and Gallery Renovation project. With a budget of $2.6 million, Reyman Bros. Construction showcased their commitment to blending modern functionality with historical charm.

Scope of Work

The project aimed to upgrade the theater and gallery spaces, totaling 9,500 sq ft. This included constructing a new entry vestibule, scene shop, and trash enclosure. The renovation covered 6,698 sq ft within the theater and gallery areas.

Challenges and Solutions

Preserving the historical essence while introducing modern functionality was a challenge. Reyman Bros. Construction tactfully integrated the new entry vestibule and scene shop, striking a balance between tradition and innovation.

Design and Innovation

The design emphasized an inviting entry point and a seamless connection between the past and present. The scene shop was carefully planned to cater to the needs of performers and artists, adding practicality to the artistic environment.


The project’s success brought a fresh perspective to the University of Reno Campus. The revamped theater and gallery spaces offer a dynamic platform for various artistic expressions, fostering a sense of community engagement.


The revitalized spaces contribute to the University’s cultural fabric, hosting diverse events that enrich campus life. The project not only preserves heritage but also elevates the campus’s cultural vibrancy.


The CFA Redfield Theater and Gallery Renovation project exemplifies Reyman Bros. Construction’s ability to harmoniously merge history and modernity. This case study reflects their dedication to enhancing campus experiences while honoring tradition, ultimately reshaping the University of Reno Campus for the better.

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