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Pre-Construction Services

Build a strong project foundation with extensive pre-construction consulting.

Before you begin any build or renovation, you need a master plan. The pre-construction phase encompasses the necessary strategy, coordination, and evaluation to set your project up for success.

Reyman Bros. offers exhaustive commercial pre-construction services, from budgeting to risk mitigation. We’re experts at project management – let us lay the groundwork for a seamless design-build experience.

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Plan for Success With Pre-Construction Consulting

Reyman Bros. serves as Nevada and California’s premier authority on pre-construction, skillfully handling every aspect of planning. Our meticulous approach, coupled with decades of industry experience, allows us to expertly guide clients from project inception to completion.

We’re a full-service general contractor. That means we assist with every element of construction – even the ones that happen behind the scenes before the excitement begins.

Our Commercial Pre-Construction Services

Budget Estimation

Can you afford your project? How will it be financed?

Before beginning design or construction, we’ll walk you through every element of the budget, including material and labor expenses. Our team will also help evaluate financing options to determine how you will fund the project.

Schedule Development

What’s the timeline? Are there possible delays – and how do we prevent them?

Reyman Bros. painstakingly assesses a range of factors when developing a construction schedule, from seasonal weather conditions to resource availability. Our goal is to give you a reliable timeline, minimizing disruptions as much as possible.

Value Engineering

Where can we cut costs – without sacrificing quality?

Our systematic approach to construction optimizes your costs while maintaining a high level of quality and safety. We use the pre-construction phase to identify all avenues for lowering expenses and align our strategies with your expectations.

Permitting and Regulatory Compliance

Do you need permits? If so, how do you obtain them?

We expertly navigate the intricate landscape of Nevada and California permits, approvals, and regulations. Our team will ensure your project complies with all legal requirements upfront, streamlining the approval process and facilitating hassle-free construction.

Risk Management

What could go wrong – and how do we prevent it?

Our team conducts meticulous risk assessments during pre-construction to identify potential hazards and challenges. This allows us to devise proactive mitigation strategies – so you deal with fewer setbacks and surprises.

Why Choose Reyman Bros. Construction?

Dedication to Value

Our clients are our top priority, and we’re not interested in overcharging anyone. Instead, Reyman Bros. prioritizes the use of value-conscious methods throughout planning and construction – saving our clients hard earned money at every opportunity.

Comprehensive Expertise

The Reyman Bros. crew is heavily involved in and experienced with every step of the process. During your pre-construction meeting, we’ll provide professional guidance on all the factors influencing your project.

Vigorous Quality Management

To maintain impeccable standards, we handle everything in-house and through trusted partners. We’re passionate about cost-efficiency, but we’re also sticklers about using the best materials, talent, and tools for every client.

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Start Planning Your Project – Today

Like Abraham Lincoln once said, give us six hours to chop down a tree and we’ll spend the first four sharpening the ax. Careful planning is indispensable when it comes to construction, and we take the pre-construction phase as seriously as every other step.

If you’re ready to get your project started, give our pre-construction team a call or fill out the “Start a project form). We’ll help you build something amazing.

FAQs About Pre-Construction Services

Yes – our commercial-only team assesses every project’s design feasibility and ease of construction. This helps us resolve potential obstacles early on, saving you money and time down the road.

Architects and engineers are the key players in pre-construction consulting. They collaborate with the client and construction team to ensure everything is feasible, up to code, and optimized for efficient construction. Even more importantly, they ensure that your project is following your vision.

Being proactive when planning your project contributes to smoother construction processes, higher cost savings, and fewer risks. We always encourage clients to schedule a pre-construction consultation as early as possible.