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Business is growing – and you need more room for inventory.

Every business wants to thrive and expand, but growth requires increased warehousing capabilities. Whether you’re adding onto an existing facility or designing a brand new space, we’re here to help you manage your supply chain.

Reyman Brothers is Nevada and California’s premier warehouse construction company, overseeing everything from initial designs to the final facilities.

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About Our Warehouse Construction Team

A robust, state-of-the-art supply chain begins with a high-end warehouse facility. From small metal buildings to large tilt-up concrete construction, Reyman Bros. has the experience to help with all of your warehousing needs.

As we bring your warehouse vision to life, we focus heavily on minimizing the impact to your day-to-day operations. Your success is our success – and our warehouse construction crew ensure their process contributes to your business’s long-term success.

Types of Warehouse Construction Services

New Warehouses

Our warehouse construction team leads the design, planning, and execution phases of new builds. We meticulously craft each warehouse facility to meet the latest standards of quality and innovation – as well as our clients’ specialized needs.

Warehouse Remodels

Reyman Bros. provides seamless updates to existing warehouse spaces. We adeptly navigate projects within the confines of day-to-day operations, minimizing disruptions and ensuring a smooth transition to a modern, customized layout.

Warehouse Expansions

When businesses outgrow their current warehouse capacities, our team steps in to orchestrate efficient build outs. With our expertise in construction, we carefully strategize and execute expansion projects – without compromising productivity.

Our Commercial Warehouse Builds

Why Choose Us?

Collaborative Design & Construction

ReymanBros. proudly offers end-to-end solutions, from design and planning to execution – all under one roof. This integrated approach enhances communication and project efficiency, ensuring a cohesive result that aligns perfectly with your goals.

Industry-Specific Experience

With decades of experience constructing warehouses and other commercial spaces, Reyman Bros. brings an unparalleled level of expertise to every project. We understand the industry’s intricacies, and we’ll help you work through every challenge.

Customized Solutions

We are dedicated to providing clients with truly personalized experiences, offering tailor-made designs that cater to distinct requirements and preferences. Your warehouse will reflect your business’s unique needs and visions.

Trusted Contractors

At our warehouse construction company, we hand select every subcontractor based on a set of strict criteria. Each has a proven track record of craftsmanship in commercial remodeling and construction, benefiting every project with specialized skill sets.

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Contact Our Commercial Warehouse Builders

Your business deserves a warehouse that thoroughly suits its needs – and we’ll help you build it. Contact our warehouse general contractors to learn more and schedule a free consultation for your company’s project.

FAQs About Commercial Warehouse Construction

Reyman Bros. is based in Reno, Nevada, but our operational footprints encompass all of Nevada and California – including San Benito, Santa Cruz, and Monterey. To learn if we cover your area, contact us directly.

The timeline for warehouse construction projects depends on a range of factors, from accommodating specific storage needs to handling special layouts and material requirements. Some builds take a few months, but others can stretch into nearly a year.

At Reyman Bros., our commercial building team streamlines every element of the process. We’re passionate about putting your funds to their best use, and we minimize delays at every opportunity. To learn what your build might cost, contact us for an upfront estimate.

The cost of warehouse construction depends on various factors, including the size of the project, its location, the warehouse building materials, and the design’s complexity.

As such, it’s challenging to provide a one-size-fits-all estimate. What we can guarantee, however, is cost efficiency. When we have the opportunity to directly collaborate with project owners and architects, we are able to look ahead and calculate the cost of all building alternatives. Together we build a cost-effective budget that fulfills the owner’s goals without compromising on quality or timeliness.

Safety is of utmost importance in commercial warehouse construction – for the sake of our staff, your staff, and everyone involved.

At Reyman Bros., we pay close attention to key safety considerations, including proper fire suppression systems, emergency exits, adequate lighting, clear signage, proper ventilation, and equipment to prevent workplace accidents.