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General Construction Services

You need a project built – and we’re the best team for the job.

As a seasoned general contractor, Reyman Bros. is fully equipped to meet every construction requirement in Nevada and California. We’ll make your designs a reality, propelling the project from its conceptual phases into successful completion.

Schedule a free consultation to get started. We’ll listen to your needs, then work to negotiate a fair price through our short list of qualified subcontractors.

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When to Hire A General Construction Contractor

If you’ve developed and designed your project’s plans, you need a commercial general contractor to handle the next steps.

Hiring a trustworthy, experienced contractor is arguably the most important step in any build. We serve as the driving force behind your vision, navigating the complexities of construction and providing invaluable insight into your project’s details.

Pen and paper will only get your construction project so far. Reach out to our seasoned team in Reno when you’re ready to put the hammer to the nail.

Our General Construction Services

New Construction

Reyman Bros. has handled new builds for many projects in Nevada and California, including commercial buildings, educational institutions, retail centers, government properties, and warehouses.

Building Additions

Our construction crew is well-versed in overseeing structure expansions. Whether you’re adding a new wing or expanding an already-existing space, we’ll ensure the project gets done safely and on-time.

Renovations and Restorations

Over the last 40 years, Reyman Bros. has managed countless commercial renovations. We’ll make crucial improvements to your existing building, carefully adhering to your vision in all areas.

What Drives Our General Construction Company

High Standards of Service

We believe every project can (and should) run smoothly. Unlike many other general construction companies, we take full responsibility for the quality of every job. Just “good” isn’t good enough in our book.

Fair Construction Pricing

We want to meet you in the middle by negotiating a price that’s fair and conducive to meeting quality standards. Tell us about your budget and we’ll walk you through value-engineering strategies to keep the building costs in check.

Commitment to Efficiency

Reyman Bros. is fully dedicated to meeting project deadlines and sticking to our proposed timelines. We are not interested in wasting anyone’s time (or money), and you can trust that we’ll move things forward as quickly as possible.

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Bring Your Project Designs to Life

Our Reno-based team has spent over four decades handling construction projects throughout the West. We know exactly what it takes to achieve high-quality results, and we’ll make your vision a reality with the help of highly qualified subcontractors.

To learn more about our general construction services, schedule a free consultation with the Reyman Bros. team. Our Nevada contractors will be happy to discuss the details of your upcoming project.ades handling construction projects throughout the West. We know exactly what it takes to achieve high-quality results, and we’ll make your vision a reality with the help of highly qualified subcontractors.

FAQs About Construction in Reno

As general contractors in Reno, Nevada, we’re deeply familiar with the West’s building codes and laws. Our team will ensure your project is in total compliance with the necessary regulations long before we break ground.

Our timelines can vary significantly depending on each project’s complexities and unique requirements. Smaller builds may take a couple of months to complete, but large-scale construction projects can take more than a year.

To learn how long your renovation or build will take, contact our Reno construction company today.

Reyman Bros. is fully accredited to operate in Nevada and California. This means we possess all the necessary permits and certifications required by both states to legally conduct general contractor services in their areas.

Construction prices vary significantly depending on the project’s requirements, level of complexity, and a range of other factors. Some companies attempt to lure clients in with an “average square foot price,” only to devastate price expectations later.

That’s not the Reyman Bros. way. We take the time to provide comprehensive estimates upfront, accounting for all sorts of design expenses and negotiations. This allows us to minimize your costs as much as possible while still effectively meeting your needs.

To learn what your project may cost, reach out to our Reno general contractors to set up a free consultation.