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Build a new store or remodel an existing retail space.

In the world of retail, floor sales must go on, even during construction. That’s why Reyman Bros. ensures projects get done strategically – without hurting sales and or delaying future store openings.

During retail projects, our goal is always to provide top-tier results with minimal disruptions. Contact our trained retail construction team for your next Nevada or California store build.

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Efficient Construction – Minimal Disruptions

Think of Reyman Bros. as the  “driving force” behind your retail build. We’re here to see your project through to fruition, starting with your building’s initial designs and ending with a beautiful new storefront. 

After more than 40 years in the field, we’re highly experienced in retail’s unique challenges and regulations. Whether we’re erecting a new build in Reno or adding onto an existing space in Monterey, we prioritize your day-to-day operations with a streamlined process.

Our Retail Construction Services

New Store Builds

Planning to open a brand new storefront? Reyman Bros. is happy to design, plan, and execute the entire construction process.

Retail Store Remodeling

Updating an existing retail space while maintaining usual operations requires careful planning. We diligently schedule and oversee renovations without bringing your business to a standstill.

Retail Space Expansions

Has your store outgrown its current space? Reyman Bros. steps in to plan and execute many kinds of store expansions. Tell us what you need and we’ll help you make it a reality.

Our Commercial Retail Projects

Why Choose Our Retail Construction Team?

Careful Scheduling

Our retail store construction team diligently plans ahead to avoid impeding floor sales in existing spaces. If you’re erecting a new structure, we’ll get it done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Retail-Specific Experience

We’ve overseen a wide range of projects since 1977, including hundreds of retail properties. We know what works (and what doesn’t), and we’re experts at establishing realistic timelines.

Trusted Subcontractors

Our hand-selected team of subcontractors has years of experience with retail store remodeling and construction. We’ll make sure you feel confident about our work and service throughout the build.

High Standards for Quality

When you’re in our hands, you can expect extreme quality management and management of quality. Reyman Bros. performs rigorous quality checks at every stage to maintain high construction standards.

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Begin New Retail Construction Near You

Whether you’re building in Nevada or California, Reyman Bros. is ready to create an amazing commercial retail space for your business. From Sacromento to San Benito and beyond, our services extend to some of the most popular counties in the area.

FAQs About Commercial Retail Construction

Reyman Bros. is based in Reno, Nevada, but now our operational footprint extends throughout all of Nevada and California. Contact us to learn if your property falls within our construction jurisdiction.

Our timelines for retail construction projects can vary widely, depending on their complexity, size, and a variety of other factors. Some retail store remodels take only a few months, but other full builds may take years to finalize.

Reach out to Reyman Bros. to learn more about your business’s projected timeline.

The cost of commercial retail construction can depend on various factors, including the size of the store, its location, building materials, and design complexity.

As such, it’s challenging to provide a one-size-fits-all estimate. What we can guarantee, however, is cost efficiency. When we have the opportunity to directly collaborate with project owners and architects, we are able to look ahead and calculate the cost of all building alternatives. Together we build a cost-effective budget that fulfills the owner’s goals without compromising on quality or timeliness.

Reyman Bros. has architectural capability in house, but we also work with many outside architects and designers to achieve our clients’ visions. If you already have an architect in mind, let us know!