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Construction Management Services

Experienced project management to help your build run smoothly.

Every property owner needs a partner they can trust to oversee and execute their construction project, regardless of its size and complexity. We understand that your money and reputation is at stake. That is why, we at Reyman Bros. only staff the best commercial experts that facilitate a safe, successful experience.

Reyman Bros. proudly serves as an expert project manager in California and Nevada. We offer end-to-end client services, facilitating seamless projects free of pivotal hiccups and setbacks.

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Why Hire a Construction Management Contractor?

When you partner with our construction project management firm, you gain access to critical expertise, industry-specific knowledge, and decades of experience. Our managers will oversee your project from start to finish, managing risks and allowing you to focus on other responsibilities.

Every Reyman Bros. build is supervised by a dedicated project manager and a superintendent. These professionals evaluate the project daily, making adjustments to keep the project rolling and overcoming any problems that arise during construction.

How We Manage Construction Projects

1. Project Planning

You know what they say: measure twice, cut once. We start commercial construction management by developing comprehensive plans, including accurate timelines and how we will obtain permits.

2. Design Coordination

Unlike many other contractors, Reyman Bros. brings design and construction under one convenient roof. This allows us to offer extremely efficient and cohesive services, starting with the blueprints.

3. Cost Monitoring

Our construction management team works closely with our clients to determine budget details upfront. Then, we devise a plan to stay within that budget and keep costs minimized.

4. Logistics Oversight

Reyman Bros. handles all of your project’s logistics, from daily scheduling to material deliveries and reporting. Think of us as the glue that keeps everything together on every day of construction.

5. Quality Checks

A project manager should oversee all the people and jobs involved in a project, ensuring no corners get cut. When you work with us, expect sky-high standards for quality and careful attention to detail.

6. Owner’s Stamp of Approval

When we are done, we always check with the owner to see if they view the project as a success. If necessary, we’ll also make changes to fully realize their vision and needs.

What Makes a Great Construction Manager?

Extensive Experience

Since 1975, Reyman Bros has worked with a passion for building some of the most significant structures in the West

Technical Knowledge

We measure our success by the satisfaction of our clients, both during the process and with the finished product.

Strong Communication

From our office personnel to our project managers and superintendents, you can trust that every Reyman Bros. employee is actively contributing to your vision.

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Let’s Get Your Project Started

Whether you’re building a college campus or a new office building, it’s our job to ensure the project runs smoothly with extensive oversight. To learn what our construction project management firm can do for your upcoming build, schedule a free consultation.

FAQs About Construction Management Services

Professional construction management services are essential, especially when it comes to managing complex or large-scale projects. Not only do they provide expert planning and coordination, but they also decrease the risk of project delays, maxed-out budgets, and construction safety risks.

Our construction project management company has overseen the successful completion of a wide range of commercial projects, including…

Yes, we also oversee renovations and additions, not just ground up builds. If you’re planning to update or restore an old building, contact us for assistance planning and executing the construction.