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Preserving Nevada and California’s rich architectural heritage for the future.

Protecting and restoring historic buildings is a valuable way to honor our cultural legacies and enrich local communities. At Reyman Brothers, we’ve spent decades working with historical organizations to maintain the unique character and structure of the West’s oldest properties.

From governors’ mansions to weathered old schools, we’ve had the privilege of working on some of Nevada and California’s most significant sites. Historical preservation is an art form, and one we take seriously – no matter the type of project.

To learn more about our historic restoration services, schedule a free consultation. Our team services a wide range of nearby counties, from Modoc to Elko and beyond.

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The Purpose of Historic Preservation Companies

Preservation is the art of safeguarding the past, allowing future generations to intimately connect with history and appreciate the intricate tapestry of human heritage. Since 1975, Reyman Bros. has worked on a wide range of historic construction projects, including delicate seismic retrofits, cost-effective facades, and foundation repairs.

To ensure careful historical accuracy, we partner with all kinds of historians and architects. In many cases, we even refer to old photographs and historical documentation. At our core lies a deep appreciation and respect for the builders that came before us. Our staff is committed to honoring past architectural trends and evolutions while also updating historical buildings for improved safety and longevity. 

Our Services for Historic Properties


Reyman Bros. specializes in bringing historical buildings back to life, ensuring everything is structurally sound while highlighting their original architecture and character. Our goal is to replicate the building’s original structure and appearance with precision and artistry.


Our experienced staff protects iconic landmarks and buildings so they will last for generations to come, rather than fall prey to inevitable deterioration. With our scholarly attention to detail, we create spectacular results for clients, their stakeholders, and their partners.


If a historically valuable property requires updates to meet safety regulations, we’re happy to take on the renovation process. Our extensive knowledge of historical time periods allows us to employ careful, tactful strategies for every kind of update.

Our Past Historical Restorations

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Attention to Detail

We understand the unique intricacies and architectural elements that make old structures special. Our diligent approach ensures every detail is appropriately considered and handled, for the benefit of both the property’s integrity and its historical value.

Expert Craftsmen

The Reyman Bros. team comprises experts with a profound understanding of historical architecture and construction techniques. We are adept at handling a diverse range of restoration projects, and even offer collaboration with external specialists.

Focused on Sustainability

Our team is committed to preserving the past, but also we’re also passionate about embracing sustainable practices when possible. Our restoration methods heavily prioritize environmental responsibility and energy efficiency.

Comprehensive Experience

The more complex the project, the more Reyman Bros. rises to the challenge. We have successfully employed innovative, cost-effective, and superbly-engineered solutions for historical properties ranging in age and complexity.

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Partner With Our Historic Renovation Team

If your organization is working to preserve or restore an old building, reach out to Reyman Bros. We’ll work together to realize your vision and preserve the property for generations to come.

To get started, schedule your free consultation today.

FAQs About Our Historic Projects

Reyman Bros. seamlessly collaborates with all kinds of clients, including both public entities and private owners. Contact us today to learn more about our approach to your historical project.

Yes, permits are required for many historical preservation projects – and we’ll ensure you have everything you need. When you partner with us, we assist with the entire process. Everything is done by the book.

The timeline for historical construction projects can vary widely depending on their complexity and many other factors. We’ve helped with some restorations that only took a few months, but large-scale preservation or renovation projects can sometimes take more than a year.

To learn how long your historical project might take, contact us directly. We’ll assess the current state of the property and provide you with a budget based on your unique vision and goals.

Funding for historical projects can come from a combination of sources, including grants, donations from private individuals and organizations, government subsidies, and sponsorships.

Reyman Bros. is based in Reno, Nevada, but our operational footprint now extends to all of Nevada and California. To learn if our services cover your area, contact us directly.