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Reyman Bros. is a licensed Nevada and California general contractor specializing in design-build construction services. You bring us an idea and we’ll see it constructed in the real world.

Our in-house approach offers streamlined communication and teamwork. That means we deliver results faster and more affordably than separate design and construction entities.

Whether you’re building an office space or a warehouse, we’ll complete the job – beautifully and on time. Schedule a free consultation with our team to get started.

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What Is a Design-Build Contractor?

As a design-build contractor, Reyman Bros. handles the design and construction phases of a project under one roof. This allows our design team to seamlessly collaborate with a select group of architects, engineers, and subcontractors from concept to completion. As a result, we offer all of the services to the right.

When a client approaches our team, we move things along quickly – without cutting corners. We only work with dedicated architects who use the most efficient and successful methods in the industry.

  • Fewer setbacks
  • Faster delivery
  • Cost savings
  • Shorter timelines
  • Streamlined communication
  • Reduced risk

How the Process Works

Step 1 – Bring Us Your Idea

All you need to get started is a general concept. The Reyman Bros. team will take your idea and run with it, propelling the build through the necessary design steps into value engineering.

Step 2 – Work With Design-Build Architects

Once your design concept is out of its infancy, we’ll partner with an experienced drafting company or architect to produce artist renderings and blueprints. Don’t worry: we’ll keep you involved throughout all of these critical steps.

Step 3 Engineer the Final Results

After we nail down your project plans, it’s time to begin construction. Reyman Bros. uses advanced tools and skills to create stunning builds that align with your budget, goals, and overarching vision.

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Why Choose Reyman Bros. Construction?

Decades of Experience

Our design and build construction company has been handling projects since 1977. We’ve had decades to hone our skills and recruit the best talent – and clients experience those benefits firsthand during every project.

Highly Skilled Designers

We pride ourselves on bringing your initial vision to life, starting with an artist’s rendering and moving into blueprints. Although we do have experienced designers and project managers on our team, we also partner with external experts to broaden our capabilities based on the needs of each project.

Dedication to Your Vision

We’re not interested in creating something that suits our purposes – it’s about what you want and need. At Reyman Bros., success is measured by the satisfaction of our clients, both during the process and with the finished product.

Top-Tier Quality Control

When you partner with us, you can expect quality management and management of quality. We’ll pay close attention to all aspects of the project, ensuring every team member’s contributions are up to our high standards.

Let Us Bring Your Imagination to Life

With our expertise and your unique vision, we know we can build something amazing together. Reach out to learn more about Reyman Bros. and schedule a free consultation. Remember: all you need to get started is an idea.

FAQs About Design and Build Construction

Design-build construction differs significantly from traditional construction when it comes to project management. Rather than dividing the design and construction processes into separate phases, design-build contractors combine them under a single entity.

Starting with the project’s inception, this integrated approach fosters increased collaboration and communication between architects, engineers, and construction professionals. The design-build setup also promotes faster timelines, allows for real-time adjustments, and helps clients save money over the course of the build.

Additionally, the design-build approach encourages accountability, considering that the same entity is responsible for both design and construction. This minimizes the risk of finger-pointing and facilitates quicker problem-solving if issues arise.

Over the last 40+ years, Reyman Bros. has designed, built, and renovated many kinds of properties including…

  • Office buildings
  • Elementary schools
  • College campuses
  • Mueseums
  • Warehouses & manufacturing plants
  • Retail spaces
  • Government buildings
  • Technical Builds

To learn if we handle your kind of project, set up a free consultation today.

The timeline for design-build projects can vary widely depending on the project’s size, complexity, materials, and many other factors. Some projects only take a few months to complete while other larger builds may take a year or more.

For a more accurate estimate of your project’s timeline, contact us directly.

Reyman Bros. was founded in Reno, Nevada, but we now serve all of Nevada and parts of California. Contact us to learn if your build site falls within our jurisdiction.