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Contracting services for city, county, federal, and state projects in the West.

As Nevada and California’s premier general contractor, Reyman Brothers has worked with a diverse range of government entities. We specialize in executing complex construction projects, from public rest areas to state parks and prisons.

If your organization is remodeling, renovating, or building a government structure, reach out to us. We’ll schedule a free consultation to discuss your project’s needs.

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We Specialize in Government Construction

Reyman Bros. has spent over 40 years cultivating expertise in the realm of public projects. Our contractors deeply understand the intricacies inherent to government construction, including the need for regulatory compliance and transparency. 

When we partner with government agencies, we stay in close discussion with all of the relevant property owners, organizations, and officials. We understand that taxpayer dollars are at stake, and we maintain an open line of communication to ensure we meet all of your goals. 

Types of Government Projects

New Builds

Reyman Bros. proudly assists government entities in all aspects of construction, from inception to realization. We offer comprehensive design, planning, and execution services for government projects of all scales.


Looking to modify an existing government property? Whether it’s a school or a public park, we’ll help you transform the space into something with better functionality, purpose, and aesthetic designs.


If you’re working with a government property that’s outdated or inefficient, our contractors are here to help. Reyman Bros. is highly experienced at updating public spaces to make them more usable and modern.

Our Government Buildings

Why Choose Us?

Vast Experience

Our crew has helped with many kinds of government construction projects, including those involving public schools, mansions, rest areas, museums, capitals, parks, and even detention centers. It doesn’t matter what kind of project you have on your hands – we’re prepared to take it on.

Attention to Detail

Our government construction company pays meticulous attention to every element of every project, ensuring a successful result. Whether you’re executing a new build or renovating an old public building, we’ll double (and triple) check all the details.

Reliable & Efficient

Our carefully selected team of subcontractors are highly trusted, experienced, and organized. When you work with Reyman Bros., you can rest assured that your project will be completed efficiently and timely

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Contact Our Government Construction Company

Reyman Bros. collaborates with diverse government clients, offering tailored solutions to bring functional and beautiful visions to life. Contact us to discover how we can assist your organization and arrange a complimentary consultation.

FAQs About Government Construction

Reyman Bros. was founded in Reno, Nevada, but we now serve all of Nevada and parts of California. We’ve conducted public construction projects throughout many counties, including Sacromento, Mariposa, and Santa cruz.

Contact us today to learn if your government construction project falls within our jurisdiction.

Timelines for government property construction projects can vary dramatically, depending on numerous factors such as the project’s complexity, scale, and the necessary regulatory processes. While some projects may conclude within a few months, others (due to intricacies and size) may take a year or more.

To learn how long your organization’s build or renovation might take, contact Reyman Bros. directly. We’ll provide you with an upfront estimate based on your project’s unique requirements.

Government construction projects derive their funding from a range of sources, including public budgets, government grants, and allocations from tax revenue. In some cases, the government explores private sector collaborations or utilizes public-private partnerships (PPPs), which blend private investment with public resources to fund and efficiently manage critical initiatives.

At Reyman Bros., we rigorously adhere to building codes, safety protocols, environmental mandates, and legal prerequisites. By meticulously navigating these regulations, we can guarantee the well-being of our workforce and the public, as well as the creation of sustainable, resilient infrastructures.

We ensure transparency in all of our government projects through regular and open communication with stakeholders, government agencies, and the public. Our contractors provide clear updates on their progress, as well as any challenges they may encounter.

Additionally, we maintain diligent records, adhere to reporting requirements, and engage in public consultations to ensure our actions align with the highest standards of ethical project execution.