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School Building Design & Construction in Nevada and California

Creating educational facilities that are safe, secure, and conducive to learning.

As an experienced commercial general contractor, Reyman Bros. has served Nevada and California with excellence for decades. We’ve been improving schools and educational facilities across the west for decades, extending into Monterey, San Benito, and Santa Cruz counties.

Educational institutions play a vital role in shaping the future of society. Our goal is to create well-designed, thoughtfully constructed schools that offer nurturing environments for both students and faculty.

To learn more about our educational construction services, schedule a free consultation with our team. We’re ready to help you build the next Nevada or California school.

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Trusted School Building Construction

Over the last three decades, Reyman Bros. has worked on a large number of school campuses throughout dozens of counties. We operate closely with clients, superintendents, architects, and subcontractors to ensure the final project meets precise educational needs and goals.

Educational construction requires an extreme level of planning and coordination to ensure safe, accurate results. If you’re planning to update a campus or build a new school, reach out to our trusted team of talented contractors.

Our Educational Construction Services

New School Planning and Building

Reyman Bros. handles the pre-construction and construction phases, including school building designs and coordinating with engineers. If you’re building a new school, we’ll help you with every step from A to Z.

School Renovations and Remodels

Planning to update some older educational buildings? We help schools upgrade to better technology, more functional floor plans, and spaces that make learning truly enjoyable. Tell us about your goals and we’ll help make them realities.

Campus Expansions

As school districts grow, their physical and logistical needs tend to evolve. Reyman Bros. is available to oversee and assist with a range of expansions, including building add-ons and the opening of secondary campuses.

Our School Construction Projects

Why Choose Us for Education Construction?

Expert Planning & Design

To get the end result right, we offer careful planning and design for every element of school construction before picking up a single tool. We partner with highly experienced architects and engineers, ensuring our build plans perfectly align with the client’s goals and preferences.

Emphasis on Student & Faculty Safety

Reyman Bros. takes safety extremely seriously – especially when it comes to that of children and educators in schools. You can trust us to employ the highest safety standards and strategies before, during, and after the construction project.

State-of-the-Art Technology

We prioritize the use of advanced tools and technology for efficient school construction and those learning and teaching inside them. Our team goes above and beyond to ensure educational spaces are built safely and equipped with the latest tech.

Decades of Industry Experience

We’ve been working on educational buildings for over 35 years. Our contractors know and understand the unique challenges schools face during construction, and we’ve spent decades learning how to effectively combat them.

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Let’s Build Nevada & California Schools – Together

Let’s work together to create a building that’s modern, functional, and highly conducive to safe learning experiences. If you’re constructing a school or designing a campus in a nearby county, reach out to our education construction team today.

FAQs About School Construction

Reyman Bros. is based in Reno, Nevada, but we now serve all of Nevada and California and have expanded into many West Coast communities. To learn if your education project falls within our jurisdiction, please contact us.

When working at operating campuses, Reyman Bros. does everything in our power to avoid disrupting ongoing learning and teaching. This includes working during the summer and off-seasons, as well as planning for efficiency and collaborating with school management.

The safety of our schools’ students, faculty, and visitors is always our top concern. During educational building construction, we adhere to rigorous building codes, inspections, and state and federal regulations. We also use the most effective, reliable materials and techniques.

The timeline for school construction projects can differ significantly based on factors like project complexity and size. Smaller schools might be completed in a few months, whereas larger and more intricate projects (like large college campuses) can take more than a year.

To learn what your project timeline might look like, contact our team directly. We’ll provide you with an upfront estimate for your school building construction.