Eagle Picher Warehouse Construction


EP Minerals

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Lovelock, NV




Design-Build, General Contracting, Management, Pre-Construction

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The Eagle Picher 110 x 260 Warehouse Construction project in Lovelock, Nevada, highlights how Reyman Bros. Construction effectively amplified EP Minerals’ capabilities.

Scope of Work

We were tasked with creating a 27,000 sq ft warehouse to serve as a versatile dry lab. Our goal was to seamlessly expand EP Minerals’ existing setup.

Challenges and Solutions

Integrating the new warehouse into the current site was a puzzle. Our team’s meticulous approach ensured that the new structure meshed perfectly with the surroundings.

Design and Innovation

Our focus was on practicality and adaptability. The warehouse, tailored for a dry lab, was designed to cater to various functions, ensuring maximum utilization. Our innovative touch was in planning a layout that could accommodate a range of operational needs.


The completion of the Eagle Picher 110 x 260 Warehouse brought a significant boost to EP Minerals. Their enhanced operational space translated to improved research and testing capacities, ultimately boosting their efficiency.


By seamlessly integrating the new warehouse, EP Minerals witnessed immediate operational improvements. The flexible design streamlined their work and optimized resource allocation.


The Eagle Picher 110 x 260 Warehouse Construction project showcases our dedication to crafting spaces that truly align with our clients’ needs. We didn’t just construct a warehouse; we optimized EP Minerals’ operations. This case study underscores our commitment to delivering tangible solutions that contribute to our clients’ growth and success.

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