Eureka County Volunteer Fire House


Eureka County Commission

Sq. Ft.:



Eureka, NV




General Contracting, Management

Build Cost:

$3.8 Million

The Eureka County Volunteer Fire House project speaks to Reyman Bros. Construction’s core value of community well-being. This case study sheds light on how our work translated into a modern firehouse, fostering safety and unity.

Scope of Work

Our mission was to upgrade the existing firehouse, making it a state-of-the-art facility for the Eureka County Volunteer Fire Department. This involved not only demolition and construction but a comprehensive transformation. The 10,000 sq ft steel and brick structure would become a hub of security and efficiency.

Challenges and Solutions

Demolishing an old structure while adhering to modern standards required careful planning. We strategized each step, ensuring a smooth transition from old to new, while always keeping safety and functionality at the forefront.

Design and Innovation

We aimed to create a space that would serve both the community and the firefighters. Our design integrated various elements, from structural improvements to advanced systems, utilities, and modern amenities. The firehouse emerged as a functional and technology-equipped center.


The Eureka County Volunteer Fire House became a symbol of safety, offering a renewed space for firefighters and the community. Our work showcased our dedication to delivering tangible benefits.


Beyond functionality, the firehouse became a source of community pride. The upgraded space uplifted the spirits of firefighters and contributed to overall community well-being.


The Eureka County Volunteer Fire House project underlines our commitment to improving community infrastructure. Beyond construction, our efforts translated into an enhanced safety net and a stronger community bond. This case study exemplifies Reyman Bros. Construction’s aspiration to build not just structures, but a secure and interconnected community.

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