Fallon Vehicle Storage Bay Extension


Nevada Department of Transportation

Sq. Ft.:



Fallon, NV




General Contracting, Management

Build Cost:


Scope of Work

Reyman Bros. Construction expanded and enhanced the vehicle storage bay at the Fallon Maintenance Station, optimizing functionality and efficiency. A 1,500 sq ft extension and exterior improvements were introduced.

Challenges and Solutions

Working amidst an active transportation hub, seamless integration was crucial. Through meticulous planning, the extension was executed smoothly without disruptions.

Design and Innovation

The design focused on versatile vehicle handling, while exterior enhancements improved station functionality.

Results and Impact

The project significantly improved efficiency at the Fallon Maintenance Station. Increased vehicle space streamlined operations, leading to smarter resource usage and smoother workflows.


The Vehicle Storage Bay Extension and Improvements project by Reyman Bros. Construction showcases our commitment to enhancing spaces for practical impact. This case study illustrates our dedication to creating solutions that truly enhance daily operations

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