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Welcome to the heart of Gold Hill, Nevada, and the story of the Storey County Gold Hill Package Treatment Plant project. This case study gives you a real look into how Reyman Bros. Construction brought history and modernity together.

Respecting the Old

Imagine creating a treatment plant that nods to Gold Hill’s history. That’s the challenge we took on. It’s about combining old-world vibes with today’s needs.

Design and Getting it Done

Think about a metal building that echoes Gold Hill’s mining roots. Our design wasn’t just about materials; it was about capturing a time gone by while keeping things fresh.

Challenges and How We Handled Them

Consider managing history while meeting today’s standards. Delays in materials tested us, but we tackled them by keeping open lines of communication and staying true to our timeline.

Client’s Take

Hear it from Shaun Hill, SNC’s CM: “Reyman Brothers did an outstanding job start-to-finish on this project. The quality of work provided by RBC shows the effort and pride that went into this build. The end result is a product that everyone can be very proud of! Thanks again for another great job!”

What It Means

The Storey County Gold Hill Package Treatment Plant isn’t just about structures; it’s about connecting history with today’s needs. It’s a place that honors the past while serving the future.


The Storey County Gold Hill Package Treatment Plant story tells how we blend tradition with progress. It’s about crafting a space that respects what’s come before and sets the stage for what’s to come, all while leaving a mark that makes the community stand tall.

Let’s Build Together

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