Leland Stanford Mansion Restoration


Leland Stanford Mansion

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Sacramento, CA




General Contracting, Management

Build Cost:

$11 Million

Project Highlights

Reyman Bros. took on a remarkable project – restoring the iconic Leland Stanford Mansion. The California Department of Parks and Recreation trusted them with an $11 million endeavor to bring this 19,000 sqft mansion back to life in Sacramento, CA.

A Journey Back

Between 2002 and 2004, Reyman Bros. embarked on a mission to restore history. The mansion’s rich past was at the heart of their work, and they collaborated with historians, architects, and archeologists to do it justice.

Attention to Detail

Every inch mattered. Reyman Bros.’ team dove into the project, bringing back the mansion’s original charm. From carefully matched paints to replicated floor coverings, they left no stone unturned.

More Than a Building

The mansion isn’t just a structure – it’s a living piece of California’s heritage. Reyman Bros.’ restoration turned it into a home museum and a place for international gatherings, filling a gap as California’s unofficial governor’s mansion.

Crafting Legacy

This journey was more than construction; it was about preserving the past. Reyman Bros. ensured that the Leland Stanford Mansion would stand strong for generations, sharing its stories with all who walk through its doors.

A Time Capsule

Stepping into the mansion today means stepping into history. Reyman Bros.’ hard work echoes in every room, reminding us of the mansion’s significance and its enduring place in California’s cultural tapestry.

Let’s Build Together

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