Renovation of Marlette Lecture Hall


Western Nevada College

Sq. Ft.:



Carson City, NV




Design-Build, General Contracting

Build Cost:

$1 Million


197 Days

Client Background

Western Nevada College, a public college with its main campus in Carson City, Nevada, embarked on a renovation project for the Marlette Lecture Hall. The college serves multiple locations and offers a diverse range of degree programs and certificates.


The project focused on repurposing an existing terraced lecture hall, involving partial demolition of the concrete terraced floor and lay-in ceiling. The objective was to transform it into a state-of-the-art learning facility, necessitating upgrades in various systems for enhanced educational and safety standards.


Initial Steps:
• Organized a team of subcontractors and initiated the collection of submittals.
• Developed a preliminary schedule.
• Coordinated with the construction crew to identify potential obstacles and solutions.

Execution Plan:
• Executed the demolition promptly, setting up modifications provided by subcontractors for a seamless transition.
• Maintained coordination with all subcontractors for on-pace performance and execution.
• Stayed ahead of challenges, ensuring a responsive approach to prevent any potential project damage.

Short-Term: Coordinated with all subcontractors for on-pace performance and execution, staying responsive to challenges.

Long-Term: Maximized the educational potential of Marlette Lecture Hall by bringing WNC’s vision to life.


The Reyman Construction team successfully transformed the Marlette Lecture Hall, addressing challenges such as the repurposing of existing spaces and implementing modern facilities. The execution plan ensured a smooth transition from demolition to the installation of upgraded technical systems.


The project’s success is evident in various aspects:

• Enhanced educational facilities and safety standards.
• Improved infrastructure for a contemporary learning environment.
• Completed by 2024 determined opening, showcasing efficiency and project management capabilities.
• Reyman Construction’s comprehensive approach fulfilled the client’s expectations, resulting in a revitalized Marlette Lecture Hall that aligns with Western Nevada College’s commitment to quality education.

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