NV State Capitol & Annex Building


Nevada State Public Works


Carson City, NV




General Contracting, Management

Build Cost:

$2.8 Million

Project Scope

Reyman Construction successfully completed an exterior renovation project for the historic Nevada State Capitol and Annex Building in Carson City, NV. The scope included restoring and enhancing the finishes of both structures while ensuring structural integrity. The project was commissioned by the Nevada State Public Works.


The project addressed historical preservation concerns, material authenticity, structural stability, aesthetic enhancements, and the impact of adverse weather conditions.


To achieve the project’s goals, Reyman Construction executed the following key strategies:

  • Thorough historical research to inform restoration efforts.
  • Collaborative work with preservation experts to adhere to guidelines.
  • Implementation of custom craftsmanship to replicate original designs.
  • Structural analysis to reinforce the buildings while preserving aesthetics.
  • Discreet integration of modern materials to ensure durability.
  • Careful project scheduling to mitigate weather-related delays.

Scope Detail

The renovation encompassed repointing and cleaning the masonry, along with repairing and painting various components including wood, fiberglass, copper, and steel elements.


Reyman Construction successfully harmonized historic restoration with modern functional requirements, breathing new life into these iconic structures and preserving Carson City’s architectural heritage.


This case study highlights Reyman Construction’s prowess in historical restoration, effectively collaborating with the Nevada State Public Works to navigate the complexities of preserving cultural landmarks. The project’s success lies in the delicate balance achieved between maintaining historical authenticity and incorporating contemporary construction practices.

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