NV State Museum Dema Guinn Concourse


Nevada State Museum

Sq. Ft.:



Carson City, NV




General Contracting, Management

Build Cost:

$4.9 Million

The Nevada State Museum Dema Guinn Concourse revitalized the museum’s accessibility and architectural coherence. Previously spread across three buildings, the museum lacked unity and ADA compliance. The project aimed to unify the space and enhance accessibility while preserving historical significance.

Design and Execution

The concourse seamlessly blends modern glass exteriors with exposed steel structures, reminiscent of Nevada’s mining heritage. The elevator tower design pays homage to early mining head-frames. By integrating an elevator and creating a main entrance within the concourse, the project addresses accessibility challenges and improves visitor flow.


The project received recognition from Southwest Contractor magazine as the Best of 2009 in the Cultural category. This acknowledgment highlights the project’s success in uniting different architectural styles and meeting accessibility requirements while preserving history.


The Nevada State Museum Dema Guinn Concourse project effectively harmonizes historical preservation with modern accessibility needs. It demonstrates how thoughtful design can transform a fragmented space into a unified, functional, and historically significant environment.

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