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The Challenge

When Stead Elementary sought to enhance their counseling services, they faced a common challenge: space constraints. Their existing facilities couldn’t accommodate the demand for youth counseling services. With a limited timeframe and the need to work around the school’s schedule, the project presented logistical hurdles. However, they contracted Reyman Brothers Construction for their expertise in navigating such challenges.

The Strategy

Reyman Construction approached the project with meticulous planning and a proactive mindset. The initial steps involved assembling a team of skilled subcontractors and outlining a comprehensive plan. With an aggressive timeline of 11 weeks, the focus remained on constant progress and seamless coordination.

The Timeline

From day one to substantial completion, the Reyman Brothers team effectively utilized each opportunity to meet the timeline. Despite the tight schedule, Reyman Construction stayed committed to delivering quality workmanship without compromising on efficiency.

The Solution

Through careful demolition and strategic redesign, Reyman Construction transformed an underutilized boiler room into a modern, functional office space. The scope of work included new flooring, ceilings, lighting, plumbing, HVAC upgrades, and more. Every aspect was meticulously executed to meet the specific needs of Stead Elementary.

The Results

Stead Elementary now has a revamped counseling space that aligns with their vision for providing exceptional support to students and staff alike. The project not only addressed their immediate need for additional office space but also integrated essential upgrades to enhance the overall functionality of the facility. Reyman Construction’s dedication to excellence has left a lasting impact on Stead Elementary, empowering them to continue making a difference in the lives of their community members.

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