Wells Fargo Addition Project


Wells Fargo

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Carson City, NV




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Construction of a functional west side addition (2,800 sq ft) with 9 office spaces, waiting areas, storage, restroom, and exterior improvements, including matching finishes and landscape enhancements on the northwest side.


This case study highlights the successful Wells Fargo Addition project in Carson City, NV, showcasing a streamlined expansion that addressed practical needs while adhering to a budget.

Project Scope

The project involved creating a 2,800 sq ft west side addition to Wells Fargo’s existing facility. This addition provided 9 office spaces, waiting areas, storage, and a furnished restroom. Exterior improvements included consistent finishes and landscape enhancements on the northwest side.

Design and Execution

The addition’s design prioritized functionality to meet the bank’s requirements. Exterior finishes matched the existing structure, achieving architectural continuity. Landscape enhancements improved the site’s aesthetics.

Cost Efficiency

Executed within a $345,000 budget, the project exemplifies cost-effective construction without compromising quality.


The Wells Fargo Addition project demonstrates efficient expansion that enhances functionality, maintains architectural harmony, and offers a positive customer experience. It serves as a model for effective design and execution aligned with financial considerations.

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