Project Highlights Reyman Bros. took on a remarkable project – restoring the iconic Leland Stanford Mansion. The California Department of Parks and Recreation trusted them with an $11 million endeavor to bring this 19,000 sqft mansion back to life in Sacramento, CA. A Journey Back Between 2002 and 2004, Reyman Bros. embarked on a mission … Read more

Background The 4th Ward School, established in 1876 for miners’ children, underwent comprehensive restoration by Reyman Brothers Construction in 1984. Subsequent improvements have maintained its historical value while incorporating modern functionality. Scope Reyman Brothers’ restoration included original bell installation, porch, roof, windows, and expanded gift shop. Later projects added a North Tower with restrooms, balconies, … Read more

Scope of Work Imagine restoring old buildings to their former glory – that’s what we did here. We reinforced structures, modernized systems, and refreshed everything from stone walls to paint to make it look like 1901 all over again. Think about breathing new life into a piece of history. That’s what the Ely Railroad Depot … Read more