The Challenge When Stead Elementary sought to enhance their counseling services, they faced a common challenge: space constraints. Their existing facilities couldn’t accommodate the demand for youth counseling services. With a limited timeframe and the need to work around the school’s schedule, the project presented logistical hurdles. However, they contracted Reyman Brothers Construction for their … Read more

Client Background Western Nevada College, a public college with its main campus in Carson City, Nevada, embarked on a renovation project for the Marlette Lecture Hall. The college serves multiple locations and offers a diverse range of degree programs and certificates. Challenge The project focused on repurposing an existing terraced lecture hall, involving partial demolition … Read more

Overview Reyman Construction renovated Manville Building Research Lab RM 20 at the School of Medicine, University of Nevada, Reno. Challenges Approach Outcomes In summary, Reyman Construction successfully revitalized Manville Building Research Lab RM 20, demonstrating expertise in comprehensive lab upgrades. This case study emphasizes effective planning, technical proficiency, and budget management.

At the University of Reno Campus, a remarkable transformation unfolded through the CFA Redfield Theater and Gallery Renovation project. With a budget of $2.6 million, Reyman Bros. Construction showcased their commitment to blending modern functionality with historical charm. Scope of Work The project aimed to upgrade the theater and gallery spaces, totaling 9,500 sq ft. … Read more