The Nevada State Museum Dema Guinn Concourse revitalized the museum’s accessibility and architectural coherence. Previously spread across three buildings, the museum lacked unity and ADA compliance. The project aimed to unify the space and enhance accessibility while preserving historical significance. Design and Execution The concourse seamlessly blends modern glass exteriors with exposed steel structures, reminiscent … Read more

Project Scope Reyman Construction successfully completed an exterior renovation project for the historic Nevada State Capitol and Annex Building in Carson City, NV. The scope included restoring and enhancing the finishes of both structures while ensuring structural integrity. The project was commissioned by the Nevada State Public Works. Challenges The project addressed historical preservation concerns, … Read more

Get ready to dive into the story of the Temptec Manufacturing Plant project by Reyman Bros. Construction. This case study gives you a peek into how we turned Temptec’s vision into a real-life space. From Blueprint to Reality Imagine creating a manufacturing plant from the ground up. That’s what we did with Temptec. It’s not … Read more

Welcome to the heart of Gold Hill, Nevada, and the story of the Storey County Gold Hill Package Treatment Plant project. This case study gives you a real look into how Reyman Bros. Construction brought history and modernity together. Respecting the Old Imagine creating a treatment plant that nods to Gold Hill’s history. That’s the … Read more

Scope of Work Imagine restoring old buildings to their former glory – that’s what we did here. We reinforced structures, modernized systems, and refreshed everything from stone walls to paint to make it look like 1901 all over again. Think about breathing new life into a piece of history. That’s what the Ely Railroad Depot … Read more

Scope of Work The University of Nevada, Reno’s Mackay Stadium underwent a transformative upgrade to elevate the game-day experience. Reyman Bros. Construction spearheaded the project, which encompassed two significant aspects: Challenges and Solutions Mackay Stadium is a hub of energy during game days. The challenge was to execute upgrades without disrupting this vibrant atmosphere. Through … Read more

Scope of Work Reyman Bros. Construction transformed the Fernley Maintenance Station’s garage. A 1,500 sq ft extension and around 8,500 sq ft of site improvements refreshed the entire space. Challenges and Solutions Operating amidst a bustling maintenance station required seamless integration. Our strategic planning ensured smooth expansion of the vehicle storage bay while minimizing disruptions. … Read more

Scope of Work Reyman Bros. Construction expanded and enhanced the vehicle storage bay at the Fallon Maintenance Station, optimizing functionality and efficiency. A 1,500 sq ft extension and exterior improvements were introduced. Challenges and Solutions Working amidst an active transportation hub, seamless integration was crucial. Through meticulous planning, the extension was executed smoothly without disruptions. … Read more

The Eureka County Volunteer Fire House project speaks to Reyman Bros. Construction’s core value of community well-being. This case study sheds light on how our work translated into a modern firehouse, fostering safety and unity. Scope of Work Our mission was to upgrade the existing firehouse, making it a state-of-the-art facility for the Eureka County … Read more

The Eagle Picher 110 x 260 Warehouse Construction project in Lovelock, Nevada, highlights how Reyman Bros. Construction effectively amplified EP Minerals’ capabilities. Scope of Work We were tasked with creating a 27,000 sq ft warehouse to serve as a versatile dry lab. Our goal was to seamlessly expand EP Minerals’ existing setup. Challenges and Solutions … Read more