Reyman Construction and Les Schwab joined forces to bring Spanish Springs, NV, a much-needed tire center. This partnership aimed to provide the local community with an exceptional tire sales and service facility. Scope of Work Our team at Reyman Construction took on a comprehensive scope of work, ensuring every detail was meticulously addressed. This included … Read more

Overview Reyman Construction renovated Manville Building Research Lab RM 20 at the School of Medicine, University of Nevada, Reno. Challenges Approach Outcomes In summary, Reyman Construction successfully revitalized Manville Building Research Lab RM 20, demonstrating expertise in comprehensive lab upgrades. This case study emphasizes effective planning, technical proficiency, and budget management.

Introduction Reyman Construction revitalized Reno’s Northwest Pool, transforming it for the City of Reno. The objective was to modernize the facility, improve functionality, and boost energy efficiency. Here, we present a concise case study on this remarkable project. Scope Challenges Approach Outcomes In summary, we successfully transformed Reno’s Northwest Pool, demonstrating our expertise in complex … Read more

Project Highlights Reyman Bros. took on a remarkable project – restoring the iconic Leland Stanford Mansion. The California Department of Parks and Recreation trusted them with an $11 million endeavor to bring this 19,000 sqft mansion back to life in Sacramento, CA. A Journey Back Between 2002 and 2004, Reyman Bros. embarked on a mission … Read more

Scope Develop and furnish a 32,000 sq. ft. site, including the construction of a 16,000 sq. ft. concrete building with a 3,500 sq. ft. mezzanine. The project involved creating separate spaces for a millwork shop, a welding and fabrication shop, and an expansive storage area. Site work included 10,000 sq. ft. of AC paving, a … Read more

Background The 4th Ward School, established in 1876 for miners’ children, underwent comprehensive restoration by Reyman Brothers Construction in 1984. Subsequent improvements have maintained its historical value while incorporating modern functionality. Scope Reyman Brothers’ restoration included original bell installation, porch, roof, windows, and expanded gift shop. Later projects added a North Tower with restrooms, balconies, … Read more

Scope Construction of a functional west side addition (2,800 sq ft) with 9 office spaces, waiting areas, storage, restroom, and exterior improvements, including matching finishes and landscape enhancements on the northwest side. Introduction This case study highlights the successful Wells Fargo Addition project in Carson City, NV, showcasing a streamlined expansion that addressed practical needs … Read more

The Nevada State Museum Dema Guinn Concourse revitalized the museum’s accessibility and architectural coherence. Previously spread across three buildings, the museum lacked unity and ADA compliance. The project aimed to unify the space and enhance accessibility while preserving historical significance. Design and Execution The concourse seamlessly blends modern glass exteriors with exposed steel structures, reminiscent … Read more

Project Scope Reyman Construction successfully completed an exterior renovation project for the historic Nevada State Capitol and Annex Building in Carson City, NV. The scope included restoring and enhancing the finishes of both structures while ensuring structural integrity. The project was commissioned by the Nevada State Public Works. Challenges The project addressed historical preservation concerns, … Read more

Get ready to dive into the story of the Temptec Manufacturing Plant project by Reyman Bros. Construction. This case study gives you a peek into how we turned Temptec’s vision into a real-life space. From Blueprint to Reality Imagine creating a manufacturing plant from the ground up. That’s what we did with Temptec. It’s not … Read more